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Lake Shore Cryotronics FastHall™ Station

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Lake Shore Cryotronics FastHall™ Station

Lake Shore Cryotronics FastHall™ Station

The tabletop FastHall Station by Lake Shore Cryotronics is a complete room temperature Hall characterization platform, making it a perfect choice for education and research in student labs. The station contains an M91 FastHall measurement controller, 1 T permanent magnet, and high precision sample holder. The M91 integrates all the required source, measure, and signal switching into one instrument to provide a complete start-to-finish Hall analysis. It optimizes measurement settings and automatically calculates key parameters, transforming Hall measurements into a simple, automatic measurement. These features reduce the learning curve for taking measurements, thereby allowing students a less stressful way to learn sample mounting and characterization techniques.

The M91 features a patented FastHall measurement technique which removes the need for field reversal on van der Pauw samples. This breakthrough results in measurements that are up to 100x faster and the ability to measure mobilities down to .001 cm2/(V s). DC Hall measurements are an option as well for any sample geometry.

The M91 is also available as a standalone instrument. Lake Shore Cryotronics, in partnership with Quantum Design, have created an M91 integration option which connects the M91 to QD's PPMS® VersaLab®. Students now have the ability to use cutting-edge technology developed by the measurement expertise of two industry leaders.


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