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Quantum Design Education:  Connecting Students with Materials Research

Connecting Students with Materials Research

An online resource for students and educators, enabling them to
discover, share and fund leading-edge materials research experiments

Since its inception in 1982, Quantum Design (QD) has developed and manufactured automated temperature and magnetic field testing platforms for materials characterization. These systems offer a variety of measurement capabilities and are in widespread use in the fields of physics, chemistry, materials science and nanotechnology. Quantum Design instruments are found in the world’s leading research institutions, and have become the reference standard for a variety of magnetic and physical property measurements. QD instruments are cited in, and provide the data for, more scientific publications than any other instrument in the fields of magnetics and materials characterization. This means that each year, literally hundreds of scientific publications, advancing the science of materials, use data generated from QD instruments.

Quantum Design believes in the importance of innovations for educating tomorrow's researchers, especially in the fields of condensed matter physics, chemistry and materials science. Our primary goal is to teach students how to preserve and foster their magical curiosity and to learn how to express it creatively. This new website is part of an initiative between QD and leading universities to develop a teaching curriculum of core research skills that exploits simple and "uncluttered" leading edge technology to inspire students to learn in new and more meaningful ways. Its purpose is to encourage the development and sharing of measurement curricula using our wide range of measurement options available on the PPMS® VersaLab cryogenic platform. The teaching materials and sample experiments on this site are meant to provide advanced lab instructors and professors with readymade curricula that can be the vehicle to bring students to the forefront of materials research.




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